Forest County Potawatomi Model of Care

The Forest County Potawatomi Model of Care is grounded in the culture of the community we serve.  We are committed to developing partnerships with our patients and their families as desired by the patient; by understanding and respecting each patient’s unique needs, culture, values and preferences.

The primary focus, meeting the needs of the patient, is accomplished by embracing the following essential elements:

Patient Centered Care

  • Is relationship-based care that meets the individual patient and family needs, preference and
  • The Care Provider will take time to listen to the concerns and needs of the
  • Information regarding their healthcare will be explained in an understandable
  • The patient will be part of the healthcare team, involved in their treatment plans and self-management. Recognizes that patients are core members of the health care
  • We will give the patient the right care, at the right place, at the right time and in the right way for

Positive and Trusting Relationships

  • Timely and effective communication is key to building positive trusting Resourcefulness and follow through establish trust between provider, staff, and patient. Information gathering, relationship building and patient education are the essential functions of the patient relationship.
  • A welcoming environment is provided where by our customers are supported to follow the healthcare path as decided by the
  • We believe that in being fully present; listening with respectful attention, recommending with wisdom,

     Comprehensive Care

  • Includes preventive and wellness care, acute injury and illness care, chronic illness management, end of life care, coordinated care, and communication amongst all Coordination of care includes patient education; self-management support and utilization of community resources are also addressed.
  • A range of services broad enough to care for all health needs within the realm of their healthcare
  • Encompasses evaluating the whole person within the full range of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional/social healthcare


  • A commitment to safe, high quality care through engagement in improvement activities and safety monitoring; using evidence-based medicine; measuring and responding to patient experiences and patient
  • Continually improving our processes, systems, services, skills and competency to exceed our patient’s expectations by focusing and measuring patient
  • Provides an opportunity for staff, community and other stake holders to influence future policy

Enhanced Access

  • Providing the care patients need, when they need it and improving their overall healthcare experiences from increasing access to their primary care provider, access to associated services, reducing obstacles to care such as financial barriers, and access to patient advice when the clinic is closed .
  • Telehealth is an option for some of our patients/clients that can transition patient care from the clinic into the patient’s home for our FCP members or by offering specialty services closer to


  • A continuum of care that guides and tracks patients over time through a comprehensive array of health
  • Establishes and maintains a relationship with the primary care provider and members of the health care
  • Provides for enhanced access to care teams to sustain a provider/patient relationship and positive patient
  • Ensures primary care provider directed referrals and appropriate follow thru on specialist’s recommendations inside our facility and from outside facilities.
  • Good communications between health care


  • Collaboration with tribal and non-tribal community programs/services by bringing personalized care to the patient and their
  • Assisting the community we serve in becoming healthier in every aspect by using programs and services that provide personalized care and
  • Being an active presence in the

Our commitment to the Forest County Potawatomi Model of Care will seed the growth and future of a strong and healthy community.